Social advertising can be used to send targeted, qualified traffic to your web site or profile pages, generating interest about your service or product and ultimately, depending on goals, generating sales or attributing to sales as part of your sales funnel.

Social media advertising has become a key element in the marketing mix of many companies over recent years. 


The wealth of demographic information that's available across social networks allow us to precisely target your audience in a way that isn't possible through other channels. Some of the key benefits of social advertising are:


Most effective digital channel for driving impressions, clicks and conversions.

Social media advertising also plays nicely with your existing social activity. While part of your social strategy maybe focused on creating and sharing content, raising brand awareness and nurturing prospects, ads are there to catch those who are ready to convert today.

Lower costs in comparison to other channels.

Reach audiences in ways not possible through other forms of advertising.

Initially we'll talk through your goals for the campaign and understand the audience and criteria you want to target. We'll go away and do our research and come back to you with our findings, suggested social channels and advertising strategy based on your goals.

 Once the ads are up and running we will continually monitor and refine them where necessary to get the most out of your budget and increase performance. If you are running other digital campaigns, such as Google adwords, we can work with those teams to ensure we are all maximising the potential possibilities of a multi-channel approach.

 We pride ourselves in providing our clients with clear and transparent reporting of campaign results based on your goals. The reporting period will vary depending on length of campaign or requirements.


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