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Google may well have market share of the search arena but Bing is most definitely worth considering when it comes to your digital marketing mix.

Reach the customers you are looking for with BING Search 


Here are 3 reasons why might want to consider Bing:

Bing users spend 24% more than the average internet user.

In additional to the above, we believe that Bing has a more refined search than Google, providing more relevant search results but, Google clearly has market share and importance.

If you are currently running Google campaigns then it's possible to export these and utilise them within Bing. Although, we wouldn't suggest you switch entirely from Google, we believe that Bing would be in addition to your existing search PPC, or as an introduction to PPC, if your business isn't currently running any campaigns.

Lower costs than Google search.

Bing / Yahoo covers 29% of the search market.

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